Let your packages stand out

The standing envelope is a billboard of sorts, offering a great canvas for marketing with much greater shelf visibility than packages that lie horizontally. It offers much more room for a high-resolution design to attract consumers. Successful manufacturers know that consumers buy with their eyes first - it only takes a few seconds for a shopper to make a purchase decision based on the look of the product alone.

Catching one's eye while scanning crowded store shelves requires manufacturers to place extra emphasis on differentiating their goods and differentiating them from the competition. Building a successful marketing strategy for food products, the design and function of packaging must be considered from the outset. When consumers are asked to picture a particular brand, they most often picture the company logo - the symbol that appears on the product packaging. The colour, shape and overall structure of the product packaging is what people see quite often in shops. That's why sleek, modern, unique packaging is such an important component of food marketing strategy in the 21st century.

High-quality images, symbols and new styles of stand-up envelopes create strong visual cues that draw people to a product. Failing to include important components in your packaging that make your product recognizable can result in a major missed opportunity. Flexible packaging and stand-up envelopes have significantly more area that can be custom printed to draw consumers in, no matter which side of the package they are looking at. Adding value to the product can be achieved by using innovative new envelope styles and introducing topical visual elements.

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