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Design of your choice

Creative packaging design provided by you or created by us representing your brand

Variety of sizes

Choice of different sizes so that your packaging is adapted to the product you offer

Quick feedback

Answers to your questions related to the whole process from design, through the choice of materials and printing method

We are here for you

From enquiry to finished packaging

  • Choosing the optimum size and materials
  • Unique design and prepress
  • Quality printing
  • Formatting of envelopes
  • Your new packaging is ready
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We will help you in creating your packaging

Let your packages stand out

The standing envelope is a billboard of sorts, offering a great canvas for marketing with much greater shelf visibility than packages that lie horizontally ...

Greener with flexible packaging

Plastic packaging has recently been targeted, and manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce their use in order to reduce environmental damage ...

Advantages of soft packaging

More and more leading brands are moving away from traditional boxes, bottles, cans and boxes and instead use flexible packaging because it is less bulky ...

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