Greener with flexible packaging

Recently, plastic packaging has been targeted and supermarkets and manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce their use to reduce environmental damage. However, here are some of the important environmental benefits of using flexible stand-up packaging: One global problem is food waste.

About 33% of the world's food is thrown away. Imagine the amount of energy that is used and the carbon footprint in transporting the waste. Plastic offers the best protection against the gases and moisture that break down food and lead to spoilage, thus extending product life and reducing food waste. An added benefit of flexible zipper packaging is that it encourages the consumer to close and reuse the packaging rather than simply throwing it away after the initial use - once again extending the life of the food and reducing waste.

Flexible stand-up pouches are lightweight and take up minimal space - this reduces the carbon footprint of both the production process and the transportation of goods. The lighter material also results in a direct reduction in waste product after use. Flexible stand-up pouches allow all marketing and nutritional information to be printed directly onto the packaging, eliminating the need for labelling.

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